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Boiler Education

Boilers are the heart of many processes driving successful businesses, facilities, and industries. In most cases, they are underappreciated and given little attention or maintenance; until the day they stop working. When not maintained properly, a boiler will become a very dangerous piece of equipment that is capable of causing substantial property damage or loss of life. Fortunately, there are many pieces of safety equipment on a boiler that minimize the risk of incidents. Proper understanding of all the various systems involved in successful boiler operation is critical to the stable, efficient, and safe operation of the equipment. A properly maintained boiler room will keep your facility running safely and efficiently.

Boiler Comparison

Boiler Comparison Tool

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Inside of Steam Boiler

Steam Generators vs. Steam Boilers

If you are searching for a steam energy solution for your business, you likely have come across the confusing differentiation between a steam generator and a steam boiler. The most basic understanding of these two systems is that they both produce energy through steam, however, they accomplish this in fundamentally different ways.

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Boiler Lay Up Procedure

Boiler Lay Up Procedure for Summer

As warmer months approach, boiler operators should begin preparations for extended periods of shutdown. Boilers that are not in use are still at risk to accumulate rust and other forms of deterioration if not closed properly. The procedure of shutting down boilers for this purpose is known as “laying up” the boiler.

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Boiler Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Accidents happen. It’s just a fact of life. Boilers are incredibly complex machines, with hundreds of intricate parts working together under enormous operating stress. It’s inevitable that things will sometimes go wrong. Boilers are mission critical to the operations of many businesses, from hospitality to food manufacturing, and as always “Time is Money.

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Pictures of poorly maintained rental boilers

Finding The Right Boiler Rental Company

Building a rental boiler is no easy task. Many companies just find an old boiler, throw it in a trailer and call it a Portable Boiler Room. But don’t let the fancy paint job fool you. It’s what’s under the hood that matters, and too often, these boilers will not meet expectations.

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Make sure that your commercial and industrial boilers are prepared for the winter, whether temporary rental boiler or permanent stationary install.

Winter Precautions for Industrial and Commercial Boilers

Winter is fast approaching, and that means it is time to take a look at your commercial or industrial boiler setup to make sure that it is prepared for any and all winter boiler problems. There are a number of things that can go wrong if your boiler reaches freezing or close to freezing temperatures that can cause critical damage or failures.

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Powerhouse Certified Advantage

Every reconditioned, used boiler Powerhouse sells includes a rigorous twenty-eight point inspection process. Rest assured that whether it is a massive Cleaver Brooks boiler or a 50 hp Fulton boiler, you are buying a product that meets our stringent Certification Process and the quality of the boiler is back to “like new” condition.

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Portable Boiler Rooms are the Easiest Power Solution

Portable Boiler Rooms are the Easiest Power Solution Companies face difficult decisions when they require a new boiler solution. Powerhouse has created the Ultimate Portable Boiler Room (PBR), which is the easiest power solution. Our mobile boilers are easy to install, easy to operate, easy to transport, easy to work on and easy to repair.

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Commercial Boiler Solution

Why Rent a Commercial Boiler?

Many companies face a difficult decision: Should we rent a boiler or should we buy a boiler. And, if you decide to purchase a commercial boiler, should you purchase a new boiler or save some money by buying a used boiler.  Powerhouse has worked with many companies over the years to solve this problem.

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AC/DC Boiler Conversions and Calculations

Conversion Formulas To Find Direct Current AC/1phase All Voltages AC/3phase All VoltagesAmps when HP is known (HP * 746)/(E * Eff) (HP * 746)/(E * Eff * PF) (HP * 756)/(1. 73 * E * Eff * PF)Amps when KW is known (KW*1000)/E (KW * 1000) / (E * PF) (KW * 1000) / (1.

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Do You Perform Planned Maintenance or Do You Wait for a Boiler Breakdown?

Unfortunately, many companies do not perform planned preventative maintenance on their boilers, which results in shortened lifespans and emergency breakdowns. While we are prepared to help with boiler emergencies, Powerhouse advocates that all companies should adhere to a preventative maintenance schedule.

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The Critical Importance of Water to Your Boiler

Unless your boiler receives water of proper quality, the boiler’s life will be needlessly shortened. A steam plant’s water supply may originate from rivers, ponds, under ground wells, etc. Untreated water contains dissolved minerals, gases and particulates.

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The Harsh Reality of a Cold Boiler

Winter is coming and so are the demands placed on upon your boiler system. To ensure that your boiler system is operating efficiently and safely Powerhouse recommends that a qualified boiler service technician open your boiler for a inspection. The fireside and the water side will require cleaning.

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Why District Steam Utilities Rent Boilers

Powerhouse is in the rental boiler business. We typically service industrial and commercial customers across the United States, South America and the World. The types of installations that use our rental boilers vary from heating to tank cleaning to sterilization to production all the way up to power generation.

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Building Beauties

Powerhouse recently completed construction of two 200HP Portable Boiler Rooms for a government contract. These custom units were specified to meet strict design criteria and Powerhouse was able to get the job done. The customer operates a large facility with aging boiler room equipment.

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Emergency Boiler Repair Can Save Lives and Businesses

Industrial boilers can be very dangerous if operated incorrectly, and can lead to countless headaches for companies. In addition to the life-threatening injuries that can result from a ruptured boiler spitting out hot steam, a damaged boiler can be a tricky item to fix during an emergency.

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Be Prepared to Handle Problems by Installing Rental Boiler Connections

Any business manager should know that problems can be just around the corner. Although many complications are often difficult to predict and can come out of nowhere, how you prepare for such unforeseen problems can often lead to an easier solution than if you only deal with such issues as they arise.

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Reconditioned Used Boilers Are as Good as New

Buying a new boiler can be expensive for any business. Such pieces of industrial machinery can be so expensive that you may have to forgo using a boiler at your facility, a move that is often out of the question. One way to help save costs on such a crucial item is by buying a reconditioned used boiler.

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Understanding the EPA’s Boiler MACT

In early 2011, following ten years of litigation, the EPA released the Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards for industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers. Introduction – Definitions – Standards – Area Source Regulations – Major Source Regulations – Record Keeping – No Action Assurance (NAA) – Effect on you.

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Do you have effective boiler operators?

Powerhouse Boiler Operators are Experts for Hire

You may have just installed a rental boiler at your facility, but does anyone have any idea how to operate it. Boilers can be tricky devices, and you really do need someone with an expert’s background to properly maintain and operate the equipment.

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