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Powerhouse to Exhibit Boiler Services at World Energy Engineering Congress Convention

Later this month, pioneers and major companies in the energy sector of the economy will head to Washington D.C. for the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) convention. Also attending the convention will be Powerhouse Boiler Equipment, the leading boiler rental company in the Mid-Atlantic United States.

With a display at the convention, attendees will learn a great deal about this impressive business and all the boiler rental services in which they provide. Here is an opportunity not only to meet and talk with several members of Powerhouse, but also to learn a great deal about the current energy situation in American and to hear from a variety of high profile speakers.

Scheduled speakers at the WEEC include Arnold Schwarzenegger (former governor of California), Jeff Sessions (Alabama senator), William Colton (V.P. of Exxon Mobil), Katerie Callahan (President of the Alliance to Save Energy), and Jim Bolte (President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing). Topics to be discussed at the convention include the new rules and regulations regarding energy, how green energies and new technologies can support the economy, and the outlook regarding the future of energy in America and the world. This will surely be an exciting and informative event!

The convention also brings together many various energy related companies, including Powerhouse Boiler Equipment. With showcases and displays throughout, visitors will learn a great deal about the various industries in the energy sector and can connect with members of these companies.

One thing in particular that Powerhouse will be showcasing to the public is their Portable Boiler Rooms, which are available for rental. These boilers come aboard a truck, and have all the capabilities of a permanent boiler, only they can be driven directly to your business! The Portable Boiler Rooms enable a simple hookup through the outside of the truck and include every component necessary for establishing a working boiler room. Powerhouse offers 15 different sizes of Portable Boiler Rooms so that you can select an appropriate option specific to your needs.

Powerhouse is also excited to display their partnership with Tate Engineering Systems, a company that provides full service for mechanical equipment and systems in the Mid-Atlantic region. The leaders in providing solutions for various businesses across the area, Tate Engineering is an exclusive rental partner for Powerhouse! This relationship will ensure that customers will find the best available equipment and prices for boiler rental services and will also help to expand the business and capabilities of both companies.

But stopping by Powerhouse and Tate Engineering is just one thing to do at the WEEC convention. With a focus on energy and its related businesses, there will be scores of companies present, each with a unique and interesting showcase of their business. With an exciting slate of speakers scheduled to talk about energy in America, this event will not only bring together all the major players in the energy field, but will also shed light on the industry’s future and the direction our nation is headed in. Be sure to attend the WEEC and say high to all your friends from Powerhouse Boiler Equipment!

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