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Cleaver Brooks

Cleaver Brooks is the world’s premier manufacturer of firetube boilers. These boilers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are the most technologically advanced equipment available.

The CBLE and CBR lines of Cleaver Brooks boilers use a patented integral burner, allowing for ease of operation and achieving low emissions with integral flue gas recirculation (FGR).

Powerhouse is proud to be a partner, offering exceptional Cleaver Brooks sales and service, as well as including several of these phenomonal boilers into our rental boiler fleet. We even worked with them to incorporate their 1,000HP boiler into a portable boiler room system.

Why we Love Doing Business with Cleaver Brooks

The Name

The Cleaver Brooks name has meant top-of-the-line quality for over 75 years. The brand name recognition of Cleaver Brooks is second-to-none.

Integral Burner

The only integral firetube burner in the world gives these boilers an unparalleled technological innovation.

Support Network

The Cleaver Brooks representative network (CBRA) provides easy access to boiler parts, service and support no matter where you boiler is installed.



Cleaver Brooks Boilers

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