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Cleaver Brooks

Cleaver Brooks is the world’s premier manufacturer of high-quality firetube and watertube boilers. Their unique focus on integrating and optimizing the boiler, burner and controls systems makes them the perfect partner for our Portable Boiler Room and Boiler in a Box products. We are proud to work closely with them to provide the most robust portable boiler solutions available.

Company Background

Founded almost 90 years ago by John C. Cleaver and Raymond Brooks, Cleaver Brooks began with an intense focus on mass producing small, portable boilers for commercial and industrial boiler needs.

Their strong commitment to pushing the envelope of boiler design through hefty investments in research and development has led them to be a leader in compact, high efficiency boilers like the CBEX and Nebraska D series.

Why We Love Cleaver Brooks

Cleaver Brooks boiler room solutions are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are among the most technologically advanced boiler equipment available. That’s why the Cleaver Brooks name has stood for top-of-the-line quality for over 75 years. In the boiler industry, the brand recognition and reputation of the Cleaver Brooks name is second to none.

Integrated Burner Technology

Cleaver Brooks boilers also offer the only integral firetube burner design in the world. The CBLE and CBR lines of Cleaver Brooks boilers use a patented integral burner, which allow for unprecedented ease of operation, durability and low emission output using integral flue gas recirculation (FGR).

Comprehensive Support Network

The Cleaver Brooks Representative Network is another great reason to choose a Cleaver Brooks boiler. This network of certified suppliers and servicers ensures easy access to boiler parts, service and support no matter where your boiler is installed.

What Do We Carry?

Powerhouse is proud to be a close partner with Cleaver Brooks, offering a full range of exceptional products that are supported by our many years of experience with Cleaver Brooks sales and service. Aside from being experienced, certified Cleaver Brooks boiler technicians and engineers, we also offer many of these phenomenal boilers in our rental boiler fleet. We even worked with them to co-design a special version of their 1,000HP boiler that would fit into one of our Portable Boiler Rooms.

We carry a wide array of new and used Cleaver Brooks boilers, for both sale and rental, including the CBLE, CBR, CBEX and FLX product lines.

Cleaver Brooks Boilers

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