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Veolia (Trigen) Temporary District Heating

Veolia (Trigen-Philadelphia) is the owner / operator of the Philadelphia District Heating loop. Veolia provides steam to its customers in Philadelphia as a public utility and bills based on meter readings. Since these customers depend on steam and don’t have their own boiler rooms, Powerhouse is called upon to provide temporary steam during repair outages. District heating has been in use in the U.S. since the late 1800s; therefore, regular maintenance to the system is of the utmost importance. When Veolia isolates a section of the loop for maintenance, Powerhouse provides total curbside solutions, from fuel to power to steam generation and full operation. This capability has helped avoid steam outages at such critical facilities as hospitals, government facilities, university campuses, hotels, office buildings and even restaurants. Powerhouse continues to work with Veolia in Philadelphia and other cities as well as with other district heating firms to keep their steam or hot water loops operating at peak efficiency without disruption.

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Borgata Hotel and Casino

Emergency Rental at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City NJ

The Borgata Hotel and Casino is a full service casino resort located in Atlantic City, NJ. They run the heating systems for the entire facility on a High Temperature Hot Water loop provided by the nearby Marina Energy Thermal Facility. When an expansion joint in the 36” HTHW loop failed, the facility was left without heat and hot water going into one of the coldest weeks of the year.

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