Emergency Boiler Installation Keeps Tissue Mill Running During Downtime

St. Croix Tissue, in Baileyville, Maine, has a productive tissue mill. However, when the power goes out, the mill needs an alternative solution to keep their systems up and running. Powerhouse was there to close the gap.

The Problem

St. Croix had an emergency — they were experiencing a total mill outage. To keep their line productive, they needed to keep their Yankee dryer vessels running so they didn’t lose product. They called up Powerhouse to provide a temporary steam supply to the dryers during the outage. The problem? They needed it immediately, with very short notice.

The Solution

Powerhouse jumped into action and was quick to respond, recommending transportation logistics and readying the WT-75 Watertube Boiler and FW-0070 Feedwater with Treatment System for service. We brought the equipment up to Maine and set it up and operated the units during the downtime.

The Results

The emergency boiler system worked as intended, running for a short period of time until the mill power boiler came back online. Another day, another batch of product saved with Powerhouse’s responsiveness and quick planning.


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