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Since 1982, Powerhouse has been providing expert boiler services to companies worldwide. As a family-run business, we pride ourselves in creating raving fans who believe we rent and sell boilers at fair prices in a friendly, helpful manner. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to have customer’s provide testimonials for us.

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The quality [of the boiler] matched the description – in a world where companies are always cutting corners, Powerhouse delivered a quality product.  We’ve bought one boiler and plan to be a return customer.

Mark Rottmann, COO, Bluewave Marine Ingredients, Peru

I would like to thank you and your repair staff for the diligent and timely fashion of work that your guy’s performed in getting the boiler back in service.

Mike Burgess, Chief Operator, AAK, Port Newark, NJ

As I get a few minute break between the organized chaos up here, I wanted to stop and reflect on the great things that have been accomplished over the last week.  After the worst storm ever to hit the NJ coast [Hurricane Sandy] and definitely the most damaging storm to affect this facility, you and your team have been essential in getting our plant back up and running.  We went from concept of bringing a temporary boiler to our plant, so steam product in 60 hours, and even more important, we had truck of product being sent to our customers a few hours later.  Our brand is “Performance you can rely on” and your team made this possible for us to live up to our brand during this devastating time.

On a side note, Mike’s [Patton’s] knowledge of your systems and professionalism was greatly appreciated.  He worked with us every step of the way and made us feel safe as we performed a task never done at this site before.

Thanks again for all your help,

Justin Bergey, PE, Maintenance Manager, Infineum, USA, Linden, NJ

This matter is extremely important to protect the iconic Empire State Building in this time of great tragedy in New York City.

In one of the worst storms [Hurricane Sandy] in New York history, Powerhouse was able to supply and deliver an 800 HP boiler within 24 hours of request.  A great job and excellent customer service and follow up.

When I need steam I will know who to call!

Overall Experience with Powerhouse, scale of 1-10: 10+


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Timothy J. Clancy, Director of Operations at the Empire State Building Company, LLC, New York City, New York

Powerhouse is the only boiler company we use because they go out of their way and always bend over backwards to ensure the job is done right.  Powerhouse Technicans are the best techs we deal with, they are are always prepared and are true boiler experts.  We can call Gerhard [Debye] morning, noon or the middle of the night, and he is always eager to meet our needs.  Jim Petronis is unstoppable(!) with so many years in the business, his knowledge is invaluable.

Vincent Badali, PE, Director of Business Development and Engineering, & Pat R. Davin, Distribution Manager, Veolia Energy, Philadelphia, PA

Jim [Petronis],  Just to let you know I appreciate the work Don [Worthingon] and Mike have done during this time for our [boiler] safety testing and combustion set ups. This has been a challenge for us at the present time to get all finished on this new system in which we are still working the bugs out. My supervisor and Engineering Chiefs for our hospital were very impressed with what we have accomplished and how well the tests results worked out. Thanks again for your cooperation and Powerhouse’s help, and look forward to doing this again.

Gary Myers, Boiler Chief, VA Medical Center, Coatesville, PA

Although the circumstances that brought me to be associated with staff from your firm were less than we would like, I am grateful that one phone call provides so much professionalism. Having been knowledgeable of you and some of your people over the years in an educational environment only, I can’t praise enough the thanks I have for your firm having been given the task of reviving a boiler plan that was involved in a catastrophic event.

From my first call to Jim Petronis and all of his involvement to my first on site contact with Gerhard and his awesome crew; Steve Pradiger; Peter Hass; and John Rohlfing, there was nothing short of professionalism and constructive assistance. Couple these actions with that of Mark Prout the on site tech who our guys are still talking about with regard to his detailed knowledge and ability to train all of our staff. I am at a loss of words to truly state how I feel. It has been a pleasure.

Please forward my thoughts of gratitude to your staff and I am again grateful for this experience.

Douglas R Monn, Chief of Safety & Environmental Protection Division, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

This is just a quick note to say thanks ofr your efforts in getting our Cleaver Brooks boiler installed and running. We will soon have it under enough load so that “PJ” can make the final adjustments and inspections prior to insulation.

John and his crew who performed the pipe-fitting work were excellent and got along extremely well with the other trades on the site.

Thanks again. I’ll be talking with you soon.

L. Alan Jarnagin, President, Recycle Inc., Plainfield, NJ

I have been out of the office for the past couple of weeks, or I would have gotten this note to you sooner…thank you for the quick response you, and Powerhouse, gave to SCI Mahanoy. Morea Steam gave us very little notice of their indefinate shut down, thus giving us almost no time to seecure a backup boiler. As in the past, we knew we could count on Powerhouse to meet our needs.

Your installation crew and technicians were a great team of professionals who had us up and running in only 2 days! Even though we had a small glitch with a bad circuit breaker, the problem was solved in a matter of hours by the Service Tech.

Once again, thank you for being a great service partner to the Commonwealth of PA, and SCI Mahanoy!

Becky DeSanti, CFMM3, SCI Mahanoy, Frackville, PA

Thank you for the excellent workmanship, the timely completion of the project by Powerhouse should help South Mountain RC meet the requirements on fuel oil tanks at the facility.

Michael Kapil, PE, Chief Engineer, Bureau of Administrative Services

Having worked in the boiler plant for the last ten years and having observed the rebuilding of boilers 1, 2 and 3 we have observed numerous contractors come and go. Until this time we have observed that contractors have owrked to the minimum specifications and in some cases took short cuts in the rebuilding of the boilers. At this time Powerhouse Equipment is fulfilling contract workmanship, craftmanship, and expertise is unmatched by any other contractors working in the boiler plant. In reviewing the prints for the bouler, they offer both suggestions and reasons for work being performed. They have found numerous deficiencies and brought them to the attention of the COR and the operators and have worked to provide resolution of the same.

We would like to make this point clear in the event that other boilers may need rebuilding in the future and that if any past performance is considered Powerhouse equipment are by far the most competent rebuilders we have seen in recent years. Their conscientiousness in workmanship for getting the job done correctly and timely is not often seen in this competitive arena. Please take time to offer our positive concerns to the contractor if possible. We have found it a pleasure to work with them in securing a first class boiler to meet the critical needs of Tobyhanna Army Depot.

Rex Oakley and Nello Pauselli, Boiler Plant Operators, Department of the Army, Tobyhanna, PA

My name is Dennis Macho and I have worked in  the powerhouse at FCI Fairton for the past eighteen and one half years. Dealing with different contractors has had its ups and downs. When we had concerns about your repairs to number 2 boiler – a problem still existed – your company responded very quickly.

I am writing this because not only did Mr. Prout diagnose the problem, but we worked well together, and the combined ideas resulted in success. Mr. Prout was very pleasnt to work with, and overall it was a positive experience. He was approached by my boss and a few others, and was advised that the Bureau could use a person like him and that he should put in an application. He responded by saying he was happy working for Powerhouse Equipment. He told us the history of the company and seemed proud to be employed by you.

In closing, it is our collective opinion that you have in Mr. Prout a knowledgeable and dedicated worker, and we look forward to dealing with him and Powerhouse Equipment again in the future.

Dennis Macho, Powerhouse Supervisor, US Department of Justice, Fairton, NJ

Commissioning of the two boilers is now complete.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the efforts of Don and Todd. We had numerous issues and delays in start up, none were due to the equipment supplied by Powerhouse and these two guys hung in there and assisted every step of the way. Lesser men would have packed up and left long ago.

Dons Operator Training classes were very well received by all concerned, his hands on approach was exactly what was needed.

We still have some issues with the Fuel Gas Supply to the Boilers, but this is beyond Powerhouse scope, but Don and Todd over the weekend ran up each boiler and they performed exactly as required. I think the ConocoPhillips Operators are very impressed with the equipment and ease of operations.

A job very well done.

Thanks all round.

Roy M White, Lead Mechanical Engineer, WorleyParsons, Darwin, Australia

Through hte years, mechanical contractors have been called upon to perform services for us here at our institution. With time, one can detect those who take pride and care in their work, and then those who do not. For the duration of time that your crew was on site working on our boiler replacement project, they displayed professionalism and a quality of workmanship that can only come from experience and a pride in what htey do, from a coat of paint here and there, a clean project and the area around it, down ot hte little bits of knowlegdge that your crew shared with our mechanics. Please onvey our thanks and appreciation to your men. Lastly, our thanks goes out to you for working with us and seeing the project through to its completion. Your company is well represented.

Michael Billetta, HVAC Supervisor, Montgomery County Community College

Just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know how your operator Mark Prout performed during our trial of June 23. Mark arrived early, was polite, professional, good communicator, had no issue with our safety rules, knew and operated his equipment extremely well and was a total pleasure to work with. I do not normally write these notes but thought it was necessary considering the outstanding job he did which contributed to the success of the trial. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

William Woychowski, Project Engineer, Windsor Locks Plant

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