Powerhouse Equipment Rejoins with ABMA to Stay Up to Date on Everything Boilers


Powerhouse Equipment utilizes the latest technology and understanding of boilers to ensure that customers receive the best quality boilers and boiler services throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic region in which we cater to.  Recently, Powerhouse rejoined up with the American Boilers Manufacturers Association (ABMA) to further our efforts in becoming both knowledgeable and helpful to customers in [...]

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Powerhouse Equips New York City Rental Boilers


  New York City is making serious changes to companies’ emissions regulations.  While these changes are sure to help clean up air pollution and maintain a better environment for city dwellers, the regulation changes can cause some problems for the many industries required to update their systems.  During the period when a facility is updated, [...]

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Powerhouse Receives Plaque of Support at Pennsylvania Facilities Managers Association Conference


Powerhouse Equipment has held a strong 20-year relationship with the Pennsylvania Facilities Managers Association (PFMA).  Earlier this week, Powerhouse attended the annual PFMA conference in State College, Pennsylvania, and it gave the company an opportunity to thank all the members of the PFMA for their ongoing support for supplying boilers and nurturing them for the [...]

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Powerhouse Boiler Operators are Experts for Hire


You may have just installed a rental boiler at your facility, but does anyone have any idea how to operate it?  Boilers can be tricky devices, and you really do need someone with an expert’s background to properly maintain and operate the equipment.  Fortunately, Powerhouse Equipment not only provides various boilers for you, but we [...]

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Reconditioned Used Boilers Are as Good as New


Buying a new boiler can be expensive for any business.  Such pieces of industrial machinery can be so expensive that you may have to forgo using a boiler at your facility, a move that is often out of the question.  One way to help save costs on such a crucial item is by buying a [...]

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Be Prepared to Handle Problems by Installing Rental Boiler Connections


Any business manager should know that problems can be just around the corner.  Although many complications are often difficult to predict and can come out of nowhere, how you prepare for such unforeseen problems can often lead to an easier solution than if you only deal with such issues as they arise.  Being adequately prepared [...]

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9/11 Memorial Constructed by Powerhouse Reflects Heroism of Firefighters


September 11th, 2001 will be a date that lives on forever in American history.  Although the tragic events of that day left nearly 3,000 people dead and resulted in serious military action in the Middle East, the day is also remembered for the many courageous acts of heroism that transpired as police and firefighters descended [...]

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Powerhouse to Exhibit Boiler Services at World Energy Engineering Congress Convention


Later this month, pioneers and major companies in the energy sector of the economy will head to Washington D.C. for the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) convention.  Also attending the convention will be Powerhouse Boiler Equipment, the leading boiler rental company in the Mid-Atlantic United States.  With a display at the convention, attendees will learn [...]

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Emergency Boiler Repair Can Save Lives and Businesses


An industrial boiler is a very dangerous item that can lead to countless headaches for companies.  In addition to the life-threatening injuries that can result from a ruptured boiler spitting out hot steam, a damaged boiler can be a tricky item to fix during an emergency.  Fortunately, there is a business in the Philadelphia area [...]

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Building Beauties


Powerhouse recently completed construction of two 200HP Portable Boiler Rooms for a government contract.  These custom units were specified to meet strict design criteria and Powerhouse was able to get the job done.  The customer operates a large facility with aging boiler room equipment.  They required a solution to provide steam at direct point of [...]

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