Powerhouse Boiler Certifications

Powerhouse holds the most current boiler certifications required to repair and build our equipment.  We adhere to, and many times, exceed the standards required by these organizations.

Symbol Issuing Organization Description
National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors. www.nationalboard.org Authorizes Powerhouse to perform “Metallic repairs and/or alterations at [our] location and extended for field repairs and/or alterations controlled by [our] location”.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers www.asme.org Authorizes Powerhouse for the “Manufacture and assembly of power boilers at [our] location and field sites controlled by [our] location”
New Jersey State Board of Professional Engineers www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/pels Powerhouse staffs a Board Certified, Professional Engineer.Certification number available upon request.


Symbol Organization Website
American Society of Mechanical Engineers www.asme.org
National Association of Power Engineers www.powerengineers.com
Pennsylvania Facility Managers Association www.pafma.com
Healthcare Facility Managers Association of the Deleware Valley www.hfmadv.org/

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