About Powerhouse Boilers

Our History – Since 1982

Founder & CEO Paul A. Stohner Inspecting a Boiler Circa 1982

Powerhouse is proud to be a family-run company and is looking forward to a bright future in the Boiler business.  We have established a sterling reputation in the industry and look to improve it with every job. After working for SteamRent, a division of Penn-Jersey Boiler, Powerhouse Equipment & Engineering Company Incorporated is formed by Paul A. Stohner in Camden, NJ. The original facility was a small trailer-office and sharing a 100,000 sq ft warehouse. Today, Powerhouse is a 2nd Generation company with sons firmly entrenched in the management team for more than ten years with a strong commitment to continuing the legacy that Paul built. Having a collective vision allows the company to provide an uncompromised level of service without any red tape or delays.

Leadership Team

Powerhouse’s average employee has been with the company for more than 15 years.  We pride ourselves on our collective knowledge and put that experience to work for each and every customer. Paul Stohner is CEO of the company with 2nd Generation family members Matt Stohner as company President. View the leadership team.

Our Facilities

Powerhouse is headquarted in Delanco, New Jersey. Due to growth, the company relocated in 1997 to a 7-acre site with over 50,000 sq. ft. of customized space to accommodate the company’s growth. Our 20 ton overhead cranes provide the heavy lifting as we construct new custom boilers or refurbish boilers and prepare them for sale. Our service fleet of vehicles are ready 24/7 to fulfill your emergency needs and our rental boilers are standing by when you need temporary power at your facility.

Who we Serve

Powerhouse is proud to provide new & used boilers along with our boiler services to some of the world’s best companies. We use our experience and expertise to tailor every project to your specific needs. Our business is focused on industrial and heavy commercial businesses and institutions.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical
  • Energy Utilities
  • Paper
  • District Steam Loops
  • Steel Producers
  • Large Heating Applications

Powerhouse is not bound by any manufacturer to any specific territory. This allows us to offer our diverse line of equipment worldwide. Along with the equipment, we send our experienced workforce internationally – where and when we’re needed. Learn how we’ve helped companies solve their power requirements.

Our Certifications

Powerhouse holds the most current certifications required to repair and build our equipment. We adhere to, and many times, exceed the standards required by these organizations. You can rest assured that your boiler will stand up for quality and easily pass inspection.

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